Make your own Monsters

Make your own Monsters


Some years ago, I wrote about how to “Make your own Action Figures.” When I was a boy, I used to melt various plastic figures into new, fantastic creatures. In a celebration of the last Sunday of August, Leezle and I created prototypes of new monsters using dinosaurs from the dollar isle at Target.


First, we dissected the figures using X-acto blades. Then, we attempted to melt/fuse the parts together with a magnifying glass and the sun. It was late afternoon, and we didn’t have much success (although we did let the smoke out of a couple of leaves and twigs).


We ended up using a mini-butane torch, which worked really well.




I must say the following: ANY KIDS READING THIS – DO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT ADULT SUPERVISION. MAKE ALL FIGURES IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA. The plastic is really smelly and bad for you. And the butane flame is not good for general health, either.

Luckily, I had Leezle to supervise me.


More to follow.

Happy to be Here


I am starting an MFA of studio art at Towson University this week. I am very excited for this opportunity, and especially grateful for the tuition remission offered by my employer. I’ve always been interested in making Art. I remember drawing Batman and Snoopy with my father at the kitchen table (he drew Snoopy). I was SO EXCITED […]

Artscape 2015


Artscape usually happens over the hottest weekend of the year, and 2015 was no exception. Leezle and I headed downtown in the late afternoon. We enjoyed limeade, people watching and the air conditioning of the Ebb & Flow exhibit, where Drink Like a Fish can be seen. Thanks to Kim Domanski for another great exhibit.

Drink like a Fish!


Here is another piece that is part of the ArtScape exhibition Ebb & Flow. Artscape runs from July 17-19. Please go to the Maryland Institute College of Art’s Fox Building; 1301 Mt. Royal Avenue, Baltimore, MD  21217. My original sketches have a lot of sea detritus to accompany this fishwife. I opted to go with “less is […]

More Bowls…


A few more from back in the hospital “Expressive Therapist” days. I thought of this one as “the blue brain.” A coil pot, woven randomly together. This is a drum, which can have a goat (or similar) skin stretched across the opening and fastened through the “eye” holes around the lip. I never found goat skin. I […]