Running for ARTIST

Dear Friends, Each election in which I have voted, I had to write Frank Zappa’s name on the ballot because it was missing.  He IS dead, after all. And then it stuck me – I am not dead. This year, I am going to make a difference in the world! I’m running for “ARTIST.” I promise that I am […]

Sixteen Skeletons

It’s a big day in the Land of the Dead. There’s a record release party at a favorite coffee shop, and it’s also Friday the 13th. It’s also my favorite 16 year old’s birthday. So, there are 16 skeletons. (the skeletons outside) Happy Sixteenth Birthday, my dear Chloe. I am so proud of you – I […]

The Brotherhood of the Circus Peanut’s Newest Member

The Institute for Circus Peanut Research and Development™ receives A LOT of requests. The ICPRD is asked to consider things like speaking engagements, race car endorsements, reverse engineering a competitor’s circus peanut formulary, etc. Unfortunately, we can’t possibly respond to all requests. One request caught our staff’s attention, however. A young man named “Jake” (probably […]