Coo Coo Cachoo


Here is a stop motion short featuring that I made with features both hand drawn frames and object animation. I started by drawing the actor, “Egg,” using a light table. I have a round plastic peg bar, made by Lightfoot. I then photographed each drawing… And I used Dragonframe to export all the images as video. […]



Here’s a cool thing – I got to use a laser cutter last night. I want to put the Yellow Cowboy in his own box, and I like the idea of him standing among a bunch of flowers. I do not feel compelled to hand cut those flowers out (I did the ones he’s holding). […]

Camera Test


Further exploring stop motion, I made the following test, which is a reprise of an older Flash animation experiment.  This time, I moved all the layers by hand. The whole thing took a long Sunday afternoon, which entailed making the scene, boat and actor, exploring lighting and camera settings and then putting this together. Again, […]